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Possible bug in cursor iterator

Reported by Psycopg website | September 19th, 2012 @ 03:41 PM

Submitted by: Pietro Delsante <pietro.delsante at>


I have a script that uses psycopg2 2.4.5 (OS is Ubuntu 12.04, psycopg2 was installed from Ubuntu repository with apt-get) to open a connection to a local PostgreSQL database and another one to a remote PostgreSQL database, like that:"Connecting to local database...")

localconn = psycopg2.connect(host='localhost', dbname='somedb', user='someuser')
localcur = localconn.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor)


logger.critical("Could not connect to local database, aborting!")
sys.exit(0)"Connecting to remote database...")

remoteconn = psycopg2.connect(host='somehost', dbname='somedb', user='someuser', password='somepassword')
remotecur = remoteconn.cursor(cursor_factory=psycopg2.extras.DictCursor)


logger.critical("Could not connect to remote database, aborting!")

Then, I try to execute a SELECT query with one of the two cursors, then I start a cycle iterating on the results, like that:

remotecur.execute("SELECT * FROM sometable;")
for remoteresult in remotecur:

# Do something...

When I try to do that with the cursor pointing to the REMOTE database, everything seems to work pretty well; however, if I do the very same with the LOCAL database, like that;

localcur.execute("SELECT * FROM sometable;")
for localresult in localcur:

# Do something...

... I get this exception:

me@myhost:/path/to/# ./
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 37, in

for localsample in localcur:

File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/psycopg2/", line 101, in iter


psycopg2.ProgrammingError: no results to fetch

Of course, I checked that, in the LOCAL database, the query I am trying to execute does have a lot of results. In fact, if I modify my code to use fetchall() instead of using the iterator, like that:

localcur.execute("SELECT * FROM sometable;")
for localresult in localcur.fetchall():

# Do something...

... everything works pretty well, except that, of course, it's way slower.

Could this be a bug?

pietro.delsante at

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