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Sergey Shepelev

Array of composite/hstore type

Reported by Sergey Shepelev | August 15th, 2011 @ 03:05 PM

db=> create type comp_type_test as (id uuid, f1 char(2), f2 smallint, f3 char(3), f4 char(3));

>>> psycopg2.extras.register_composite('comp_type_test', connection, globally=True)

>>> db.execute("select ('000003b3-50a9-eeaa-4aab-2a95e6ca6592', 'J2', 600, 'MOW', 'BER')::comp_type_test").fetchone()
(comp_type_test(id=UUID('000003b3-50a9-eeaa-4aab-2a95e6ca6592'), f1=u'J2', f2=600, f3=u'MOW', f4=u'BER'),)

This is good.

>>> db.execute("select array[('000003b3-50a9-eeaa-4aab-2a95e6ca6592', 'J2', 600, 'MOW', 'BER')]::comp_type_test[]").fetchone()

This is not good.

Is it possible to make psycopg2 understand arrays of composite values (or at least arrays of hstore)?

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